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See what's possible

Soundview supports adults with developmental disabilities to thrive in their community and live vibrant lives.


In 1989, Mary Lanier (founder) was inspired to open Soundview in Stanwood with the desire to provide a positive and healthy environment for her son Toby to live his life. Toby has enjoyed living in his home with compassionate, attentive staff for almost 30 years, and is deeply connected and integrated within his community. Toby lives with 4 housemates, and communicates his joy on a daily basis with where he lives, who he lives with, and the fullness in which he lives his life. 

In the early 1990's, Soundview expanded to Mount Vernon, and started a program providing these vital supports in a warm home environment to 5 individuals. When moving into a Soundview home, this typically is needed due to moving out of their family's home and discovering life for themselves, moving out of institutional living or another not ideal living situation, or even from homelessness.  

Soundview provides essential living services to individuals who need a variety of supports and are currently unable to live on their own without care. The goal for each person is to provide adequate enough supports for us to be less needed, and sometimes no longer needed at all. We believe every person has abilities beyond their awareness; it just takes someone believing in them enough and providing the right opportunities, for them to feel empowered and see these strengths in themselves. Soundview amplifies each person's unique strengths and abilities with teaching-training supports tailored to their individual passions, goals and skillsets.


Soundview empowers opportunities to be a fluid part of the community, and has an amplified focus on community value, integration, and connection. Some outings enjoyed by everyone receiving Soundview's services includes mainstream concerts, theater, local music, movies, picnics, parks, beaches, shopping, restaurants, community events, fairs, and everything in between. 

The Soundview team is made up of a diverse group of compassionate individuals who love what they do and who they do it for. The most common statement among Soundview employees is "I get more from the clients than I could ever do for them"- coming from a multitude of individuals who pour their heart into what they do. This is an intrinsically rewarding experience, and full of opportunities for growth, learning, and personal development. 

Soundview is just as importantly made up of an abundance of gracious community members who give of their time and resources to ensure the individuals supported by Soundview get what they need to live full, enriched, vibrant lives. This includes our dedicated volunteer Board of Directors, generous donors, local volunteers, families, friends, and a compassionate community of supportive and giving individuals. 


At Soundview, We Grow, Learn, Inspire. Together.
Soundview Association, Inc. Founded 1986; Providing services since 1989.


Seeing the value in every person

Together, we can build a vibrant community, where everyone is included. A place to call home. To grow, to learn, to inspire. At Soundview, this is what brings us together: Seeing the value in every person. Building a brighter community together. Empowering people to see what's possible.

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